A single user gallery system written as Haskell web-app
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cabal-version: 2.4
-- Initial package description 'eidolon2.cabal' generated by 'cabal init'.
-- For further documentation, see http://haskell.org/cabal/users-guide/
name: eidolon2
-- synopsis:
-- description:
-- bug-reports:
license: AGPL-3.0-only
license-file: LICENSE
author: nek0
maintainer: nek0@nek0.eu
-- copyright:
category: Web
extra-source-files: CHANGELOG.md, README.md
executable eidolon2
main-is: Main.hs
-- other-modules:
-- other-extensions:
build-depends: base ^>=
hs-source-dirs: app
default-language: Haskell2010