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title: My comic is out there!
author: nek0
- english
- comic
- drawing
description: I finally did it! I compelted my comic and released it.
Hi folks,
Long time no see. About half a year, to be precise.
A lot has happened in that time.
Good news first: My comic is out there. I released it two weeks ago, but did not find the time to
make a proper announcement here, but those of you ho follow me on [Twitter][twit] and/or
[Mastodon][masto] May have read the news as it was fresh(er). Overall reception seemed good so far,
but feel free to tell me your opinions on it. I would be very interested in constructive feedback
of any kind.
If you are interested, You can read the comic on [its own website][comic]. I will progressively
upload a new page every month as I work on the next parts of the comic.
Why so slow updates?
This is a fair question, which brings me to the bad news: I am currently in hospital (again) and
getting better again. During the holidays my mental helath took a sharp downturn and I finally
managed to start treatment in march. I kept on drawing, but with a slower pace. So to avoid further
malicious stress from my comic i chose to make the update schedule very slow.
WIth all that said, I wish you all a nice summertime, enjoy the warm days and stay tuned for more
comic pages.
See you soon (hopefully).
Keep calm and wash hands.