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Silvan Mosberger f0fda3bf55
Merge pull request #131267 from blaggacao/fix-functionArgs
lib: fix functionArgs for functors
2 years ago
systems add m68k-netbsd support 2 years ago
tests Merge pull request #131267 from blaggacao/fix-functionArgs 2 years ago
asserts.nix lib: move assertMsg and assertOneOf to their own library file 5 years ago
attrsets.nix Merge pull request #110742 from siraben/deprecate-fold 2 years ago
cli.nix lib/cli: mkKey -> mkOptionName, use generators.mkValueStringDefault 3 years ago
customisation.nix treewide: Do a number of no-op cleanups for cross and darwin 2 years ago
debug.nix lib/debug: add traceFnSeqN 2 years ago
default.nix lib.mkFixStrictness: Deprecate 2 years ago
deprecated.nix treewide: fold -> foldr 2 years ago
fetchers.nix Convert libs to a fixed-point 6 years ago
filesystem.nix lib: Add readTree function to filesystem 3 years ago
fixed-points.nix lib: Add composeManyExtensions 3 years ago
flake.nix init: lib/flake 2 years ago
generators.nix lib/generators: add toDhall 2 years ago
kernel.nix Merge pull request #84032 from teto/fix_kernel_merge 3 years ago
licenses.nix treewide: use quotes for url 2 years ago
lists.nix lib: remove mention of flashplayer in docs 2 years ago
meta.nix lib.meta: introduce `availableOn` 2 years ago
minver.nix Bump minver.nix to 2.2 3 years ago
modules.nix lib.mkFixStrictness: Deprecate 2 years ago
options.nix Revert "Module-builtin assertions, disabling assertions and submodule assertions" 2 years ago
sources.nix lib.sources.trace: init 2 years ago
strings-with-deps.nix lib: Use Nix's static scope checking, fix error message, optimize 3 years ago
strings.nix strings.nix: Fix overly monomorphic type signature comments 2 years ago
trivial.nix lib: fix functionArgs for functors 2 years ago
types.nix Merge pull request #128032 from Artturin/add-swap-options 2 years ago
versions.nix lib/versions: expose splitVersion 4 years ago
zip-int-bits.nix lib/trivial: move zipIntBits to its own file 5 years ago