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Electronic Chamber Choir - Random Access Music

Basic Idea

The ECC is a swarm of independent small devices (called "singers") which perform a piece of music together.

Initial state

When the ECC starts (or as been freshly reset) every singer randomly chooses a voice out of the "score" (probably a voice out of a MIDI-file) at a random position and starts singing.


Every singer has, apart from his main audio autput (loudspeaker or piezo), also an supersonic sender/receiver facility over which he sends what he is currently singing and tries to listen to other singers trying to broadcast their position. Over this supersonic interface now the singers try to synchronise themselves while still singing, preferably starting with adjusting to direct neighbours forming local clusters and then the clusters trying to synchronise each other.

Once synchronisation is complete, the piece of music performed will be audible in all its aspects.


Every singer has a photosensitive element on them, which can react to sudden changes in lighting conditions (e.g. when exposed to a camera flash). When triggerd, avery singer affected resets and begins at a new initial state.

apart from this there can also be other ways of resetting single choir members or the whole choir.