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nek0 5ee1fb4ac8 dummy test 4 months ago
nek0 36f36d4e9f introduce haskell.nix 4 months ago
nek0 1c09cc0d13 refine tests 4 months ago
nek0 0d7c68836b got it working again after some idle time 4 months ago
nek0 e472a92fde extend on user notification 7 months ago
nek0 00de44208e use newer ghc 7 months ago
nek0 1e4e915899 draft out user notification 7 months ago
nek0 04d5e3ff8a pin package index 8 months ago
nek0 459074b331 rename test module 8 months ago
nek0 beb284a818 move to haskell.nix 8 months ago
nek0 0669bf651c add test scaffold and first test 8 months ago
nek0 45629d0abb move initDB to library 8 months ago
nek0 a7cc24b73a rename main module of executable 8 months ago
nek0 98d3f2733c add missing role 8 months ago
nek0 6018c72fb3 fix authentication issues 8 months ago
nek0 c9d9c711b5 fix compilation error brought in by raw endpoint 8 months ago
nek0 2f90f2658d rename todos 8 months ago
nek0 85628a4747 add more todos 8 months ago
nek0 d220fb8699 add todos 8 months ago
nek0 84ae808b75 update nix-shell definition 8 months ago
nek0 cad5239b87 stuff 12 months ago
nek0 998474640c foo 1 year ago
nek0 64547d3d16 remove unused todos and whitespace 8 months ago
nek0 dd58c372cf more instances of ToDatabase and FromDatabase 1 year ago
nek0 3d2971baa3 make more instances of ToDatabase and FromDatabase 1 year ago
nek0 bc4fa1c6ee add TODO 1 year ago
nek0 dc2a1018b1 started fixing roles and database communication 1 year ago
nek0 b69acb3dbf tinker roles 1 year ago
nek0 69aa5b4e09 linted 1 year ago
nek0 fade6374fa whoops 1 year ago
nek0 e599e02b13 make capability quersies throughout whoel project 1 year ago
nek0 b3cb5114ae completed roles and associations for now 1 year ago
nek0 b80fc8786b fixing stuff and start adding authorization check 1 year ago
nek0 6de4bd9460 add role update 1 year ago
nek0 3efb59766d make adding roles possible 1 year ago
nek0 28063cfffe make associations 1 year ago
nek0 8303d8688a war about plain passwords 1 year ago
nek0 f177465f4f do some stuff to make it work 1 year ago
nek0 786cddd7b3 forgot do 1 year ago
nek0 4dfa7f7698 wrong designators 1 year ago
nek0 8cb730ec67 add missing files 1 year ago
nek0 062ad337c3 start implementing roles 1 year ago
nek0 4de00a258b make role queries and associate new users with no cap role 1 year ago
nek0 e8d7c4b840 make role names unique 1 year ago
nek0 26caca500d insert initial role "User" 1 year ago
nek0 c07203646d Merge branch 'master' of github.com:nek0/mateamt 1 year ago
nek0 d8cb513350 remove description string from journal entries 1 year ago
nek0 7ac3d8c87f linting 1 year ago
nek0 e8bb9c83c4 adjust connection settings and lessen indentation un user cotrols 1 year ago
nek0 9ba10a1d7a Merge branch 'db_migrations' of github.com:nek0/mateamt into db_migrations 1 year ago