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nek0 eb3357cfac remove double export 9 months ago
nek0 4a5cc6d0e0 make affection strict 9 months ago
nek0 e81408e54f notes turned obsolete. modular design preferred. 10 months ago
nek0 ccd8b7eeaf more verbose messages from engine on startup 10 months ago
nek0 cd662da0b7 move gl call after context creation 11 months ago
nek0 bca6fd69e1 typo 11 months ago
nek0 2ea955d37d whopsie 11 months ago
nek0 ef1ba1f988 add package 11 months ago
nek0 3332370012 add sync and GL infos 11 months ago
nek0 fc6bfa1ca5 fix state machine 1 year ago
nek0 3b9a366830 update notes 1 year ago
nek0 0aa971a343 add project file 1 year ago
nek0 bc08ca55a4 hunt warnings 1 year ago
nek0 8b26781217 bump version 1 year ago
nek0 f52e94e82a made example02 affectionate and working! 1 year ago
nek0 8785405420 removed unneeded code 1 year ago
nek0 d6804f95fb update screenmode toggle function 1 year ago
nek0 a7eac3e392 make example01 affectionate and working 1 year ago
nek0 9ac25d5fca fix dt computation 1 year ago
nek0 7df3bb8cf6 make example00 affectionate and working! 1 year ago
nek0 c8d3ad6c56 add class 1 year ago
nek0 8af8193a0a remove userstate reference from state monad 1 year ago
nek0 44ec3cc8e0 comments and formatting 1 year ago
nek0 786bfe1b21 get Affectionate class to work 1 year ago
nek0 13f67c6cd1 start with Affectionate 1 year ago
nek0 65d47f7477 back to old build system 1 year ago
nek0 e4103e11da modernize 1 year ago
nek0 18775515d8 take .gitignore into account 2 years ago
nek0 9ece773de8 twiddling the clock 2 years ago
nek0 2dda8f9db0 drawback 2 years ago
nek0 6d4f7d3227 modernization 2 years ago
nek0 d73609297c move logging to text 2 years ago
nek0 25fd9acffd push examples to new sdl version 2 years ago
nek0 8ff4b216c3 bump sdl2 version 2 years ago
rys ostrovid c1ed74bb66
Merge pull request #8 from nek0/multiwindow 2 years ago
nek0 2ac3b007a9 name module 2 years ago
nek0 b7e776f823 hey! I'm ignoring you! 2 years ago
nek0 510e7e922d make affection multi-window capable 3 years ago
nek0 486a7ef012 fix build system 3 years ago
nek0 91c70c6ec6 add new example 3 years ago
nek0 6f05969fab modernize example01 3 years ago
nek0 fa2501021c fix joystick disconnect crash 3 years ago
nek0 f822b5cabb finishing cleanup 3 years ago
nek0 3935b7ddb9 make haddockable 3 years ago
nek0 670a213a30 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:nek0/affection 3 years ago
nek0 6bb0076158 more cleanup 3 years ago
nek0 937535057c more cleanup 3 years ago
nek0 c804a2e013 pre-release cleanup part II 3 years ago
nek0 8d20ab193b pre-release cleanup part I 3 years ago
nek0 516134db4a Merge branch 'master' of github.com:nek0/affection 3 years ago