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nek0 09f5b35bff version bump 7 months ago
Astro 70e3b62021 nixos-module.nix: fix syntax 7 months ago
nek0 ac264fd4ae typo 7 months ago
nek0 5bda3f1953 read default config from file 7 months ago
nek0 c80374111f execute service with config 7 months ago
nek0 12d9a9e3e1 add configuration option 7 months ago
Astro 4efcc9ed26 flake.nix: remove flake-utils again 7 months ago
Astro eaad95ad5f flakify 7 months ago
Astro 06c9e7d223 sendMail: add new partDisposition 7 months ago
Astro 1ac3b78582 nixos-module: make sendmail available 7 months ago
Astro bd88590097 Foundation: fix schema in approotRequest 7 months ago
Astro 546acdee1c nixos-module.nix: init 10 months ago
Astro 716eaceb41 yammat.cabal: add newly required language extensions 10 months ago
Astro 3ede5b23fc pkg.nix: copy config+static subdirs, link client_session_key.aes in postInstall 10 months ago
Astro 9c604600a9 pkg.nix: reduce rebuilds by filtering out *.nix 10 months ago
Astro 3d4703afec pkg.nix: rename from default.nix, add sensible default.nix 10 months ago
Astro d1437ebb63 default.nix: don't build docs 1 year ago
Astro 51a1d00ba5 default.nix: disable tests 1 year ago
Astro ddd09655a6 test: fix pending signatures 1 year ago
Astro 73c7974d51 TestImport: update withApp type 1 year ago
Astro 7b681f0d30 .cabal: list test modules 1 year ago
Astro 20f5e1cdd7 more updates 1 year ago
Astro ad79582540 TestImport: fix dup export 1 year ago
Astro 0b87916f7b update for newer ghc+yesod 1 year ago
nek0 6692c64a35 make cofnigurable sendmail and from-email 7 months ago
nek0 d11a7aeba7 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:nek0/yammat 2 years ago
nek0 83b065db11 nixify && push versins 2 years ago
rys ostrovid fff907f03d
Merge pull request #123 from astro/nix 2 years ago
Astro f7e24c61b3 nixify 2 years ago
nek0 327e7d267a typo 3 years ago
nek0 8d0d566697 atofocus 3 years ago
rys ostrovid 1bf18535f8
Merge pull request #118 from vv01f/master 3 years ago
Wolf fd790f4931
typo 3 years ago
nek0 4ca9335f06 delete session on home screen 3 years ago
nek0 5f4f7678c5 extend pin protection 3 years ago
nek0 438844d340 adding PIN "protection" 3 years ago
nek0 1a2e12010c errors 3 years ago
nek0 481be7aeec whopsie 3 years ago
nek0 c23ac47ae4 add titles to pages 3 years ago
rys ostrovid 9bb10c88c9
Merge pull request #113 from yater/patch-1 3 years ago
yater 9f545d9854
it is not usual to restock 1 item (bottle or whatever) 3 years ago
nek0 4e15f74245 disable httpManager 3 years ago
nek0 ca66840127 logging disabled 3 years ago
nek0 a388599871 remove upper bounds 3 years ago
nek0 66b57c92f0 add serbian language 3 years ago
nek0 0c9f7c69b9 fixing more translation errors 3 years ago
nek0 fa7a7bcf02 fixing translation errors 3 years ago
nek0 25670ad121 add estonian localization 3 years ago
nek0 d472142858 modernization 3 years ago
nek0 09f9b61905 nixify 3 years ago