small platformer game
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This repository contains the source and game design files for the game pituicat.

This game is still an experimental work in progress, so things are subject to change and no version or revision numbers are being assigned (yet).

Build and run instructions

For any system you want to buil on, you will need a current version of ghc as well as the build tool cabal. Additional libraries may be needed, depending on your operating system.


I develop this game in NixOS, so the build instructions for this system are the ones I use on a daily basis.


To set up the build environment, simply run this in the command line of your choice in the project's root directory:

nix-shell shell.nix

After the setup and build process is finished and you are given the prompt of the environmet you just built, you can run

cabal new-run

to compile and run the game.

Other Linux flavours

You will need at least the development libraries for sdl2 and a development setup for OpenGL.

TODO: provide list of development libraries this game directly depends on.

After setting up the system with all development dependencies, simply run

cabal new-run

for compiling and running the game.

Other operating systems

I wish you good luck with that. If you manage to run the game on other systms, ping me with build and run instructions on and I will gladly include them here.


To move around, use the D and A Keys respectively.

Press Space to jump.